[CRR #1] The Lightning Thief report (unfinished)


                                                              The Lightning Thief

                                                                By: Rick Riordan

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The genial stories and wonders of the Olympians in the Percy Jackson books written by Rick Riordan are so engaging and joyful, I definitely suggest this book for new chapter book readers. This was my first book that I actually enjoyed and it, therefore, holds a special place in my heart. The fact that the movie was so disappointing and horrid, makes the reading of the books that much more delightful.

The Lightning Thief follows the gang of friends each holding a link to the Greek Gods and Goddesses  once thought to be mythological. These friends are lead by the main character, Percy Jackson, son of Poseidon, who discovers his potential in the book at his school’s field trip after his pre – algebra  teacher, Mrs. Dodds pulls him aside presumably to scold him, but instead turns into a monster that Percy has never seen. Percy then gets help from his